About US


  Kristy Wyllie – Owner/Chief Event Designer

Kristy began her career 13 years ago in the hospitality industry gaining credentials along the way from Simon Fraser University, BCIT, Douglas College as well as certification by the Wedding Planners Institute of   Canada.

Each wedding and event is thoughtfully and carefully designed by Kristy. You will have her extensive industry experience, event styling expertise and particular attention to detail in your corner all along the way. She enjoys the personalized touch, creating each event with unique and sophisticated style. Being a planner at heart though, she will not just guide you through decisions and planning steps – she takes the time to understand you. She sets your event apart from all others not just because of her passion for design and planning, but mostly because she truly cares about you, your family and all the memories that you will take away after your celebration.

Since the driving force of every celebration is the person, Kristy believes that knowing the person in the designer is equally important! She therefore admits to the following:

I believe that the day you start doing what you love is the last day you ever have to work!
I ♥ cotton candy and bubble gum ice cream.
I am the proud owner of a Lhasa Apso named Kaos. She often accompanies me on outings and finds client consultations extremely interesting.
I have travelled to Disneyland/World about 12 times.
I originally wanted to be an elementary school teacher.
I played the clarinet in my younger years.
My favorite cocktail is an Amaretto Sour.
I am obsessed with 3-wick Bath and Body Works Candles.
My son inherited a blonde afro from me. He will hate it before he loves it 🙂